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Summit 7 Consulting is a company created with the purpose of increasing your business through strategy, creativity, and efficiency. Our talented team of consultants will look at your business to determine opportunities for improvement, discover fresh, innovative ways to communicate with potential clients/customers, and increase your revenue without increasing your workload. Our goal is to see you spend less time on the day to day activities of “running” your business so you can spend more time “doing” your business.


Summit 7 Consulting desires to improve how organizations conduct their business in order to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and achieve their mission in the marketplace. Summit 7 Consulting seeks to discover the balance between innovation and fundamentals, passion and planning, strategy and creativity.

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  Marketing Services

Summit 7 Consulting uses the latest in technology to penetrate your market and discover new clientele. Summit 7 Consulting uses a wide variety of tools to increase your efficiency and maximize your productivity. Our goal is to generate leads and create a smooth revenue stream for your company. Here’s how we do it:

Brand Strategy

Web Design  / SEO

Email Marketing

Print Marketing

Online Marketing

Social Networking

Continuing Support

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  Marketing Projects

Our clients range from law firms, to medical practices, to professional athletes.

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Summit 7 Consulting has tripled my clients and taken care of all my marketing and sales initiatives and has allowed me to concentrate on practicing law again.


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