Case Study

Westside Women's Care

Prior to working with Summit 7 Consulting, Westside Women’s Care was generating a mildly steady stream of business. Placed in Summit 7 Consulting’s capable hands, Westside Women’s Care is now thriving. With a newly designed website, online traffic increased from 2,200 to over 35,000 in less than one year. The increased web traffic increased the number of clients to their practice substantially. With an added feature to their website allowing patients to print off their own informational packets and client information sheets at home, Westside Women’s Care saved thousands of dollars per month in paper alone.

Summit 7 Consulting redesigned Westside’s brochures and business cards, saving money and projecting a fresh new image. Today, patients specifically request refrigerator magnets to keep in their homes, ensuring Westside Women’s Care is always at the forefront of patients’ minds. With hundreds in savings and thousands of new potential patients, Westside Women’s Care has seen a transformation in their business - credited to Summit 7 Consulting.


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