Freelance Paralegal

Freelance Paralegal Services (“FPS”) is a boutique contract paralegal firm that offers the skills of highly experienced contract paralegals and legal assistants to individual lawyers, law firms and corporate and government law departments. With nearly 30 years of paralegal experience, with over 22 years in the Denver area, FPS is positioned to fill a wide variety of your needs, whether short term or long term. Efficient, dependable, and experienced, FPS will assist your firm in successfully navigating varying work loads and tasks. Unlike temporary employment agencies and “paralegal mills”, FPS uses the skills of a small, specialized, and efficient team. We are positioned and ready to assist you as needed, quickly and professionally.  

Insource Denver

As your firm begins to grow, InSource Denver is able to provide staffing solutions and concierge services to help alleviate the burden of your new workload. Since 2001, InSource Denver has supported the legal community through their strong network of professionals. Contract attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants stand ready to assist you with your growing business needs. Professional Personal Assistants are able to help with life tasks ranging from running errands, to moving, to entertaining.

The principals of the company, Jill Hess and Anne Bye Rowe, have 40 years of combined experience in human resource management and nearly a decade’s worth of experience with placing professionals in the Denver metro area. A highly respected team, InSource Denver is head and shoulders above their competition. Through their screening process, they are able to discover your staffing or concierge needs, determine the right fit for you, and place a professional – all without using your valuable time.

Keep the focus on your practice, and allow InSource Denver to handle your staffing and concierge needs.

Litigation Solution, Inc.

Litigation Solution, Inc. (“LSI”) is a full-service litigation support firm, offering a complete range of solutions by a professional staff. Whatever stage your case may be in—discovery, trial, mediation— LSI has the experience and tools to help you succeed. Their traditional Manual Solutions as well as the latest Automated Solutions are all performed with speed and accuracy. Low-tech or high-tech, LSI is fully equipped to deliver the right solution at the right time.

LSI’s forensics services allow your firm to gather vital information in a forensically sound manner.  They have several Certified Computer Examiners on staff, ready to assist.  Once the information is gathered, LSI is able to analyze the data and produce only what is pertinent.  They can then host your data so it is accessible from anywhere with internet access.  Proper security measures are put in place so only certain case parties can view your information.  Their hosted applications include electronic reviewing tools such as Clearwell, and evidence searching tools such as Concordance FYI and CT Summation WebBlaze. 

LSI is also able to support your firm with traditional services ranging from copy and scan to bates labeling, binding, file conversion, and exhibit boards.  It is absolutely necessary to stay organized throughout the discovery process.  LSI will ensure your success.

Denver Attorney Network

The Denver Attorney blog is dedicated to providing information about the local Denver Lawyers and Attorneys.  This blog will provide articles and other helpful information on all forms of litigation.


 Services provided

Document Review/Index Preparation:
Freelance Paralegal Services is able to process, organize, and review large volumes of documentation and return it to you in a workable format.

Litigation Support:
Freelance Paralegal Services is able to assist your firm with expert and witness interviews, document review, research, and preparation of pleadings. Freelance Paralegal Services also has long standing relationships with companies able to assist in electronic discovery, computer forensics, document imaging, coding, etc.

Trial and Mediation Preparation and Attendance:
Allow Freelance Paralegal Services to assist your firm with drafting of motions and pleadings, preparation of trial notebooks, and consistent communication as you prepare for trial. 

General Office Support:
As staffing needs change, Freelance Paralegal Services is able to support your firm with legal assistant tasks, including answering phones, making copies, and delivering documents, court filings and any and all other tasks undertaken by legal staff.

Legal Staffing
Here are some situations in which InSource Denver legal professionals have proven invaluable in managing clients and caseload:
• large case requires a host of contract attorneys and paralegals
• demands from new clients impact existing caseload
• extended leave of absence creates need for immediate support
• special projects require contract review, support for in-house staff
• employment philosophy calls for contracting on a trial basis before a permanent hire

Concierge Services
Your time is valuable and we believe you should spend it doing what is most important to you. With the help of an InSource Denver Personal Assistant, you can focus on the things you want to do and we’ll take care of the rest.

Copy Services
Litigation is traditionally very paper-intensive. Even with the most modern cases, paper is unavoidable. Founded in 1994 by veterans of the litigation photocopy industry, LSI prides itself on its ability to provide fast, accurate service on large document productions.

Document Imaging
Many firms today use evidence review tools, such as Concordance and Summation, to store and manage paper-based documents. These tools use image files, such as PDF and TIFF, and users view the files electronically, saving time and money over paper copies.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
OCR conversion is the process by which text from an image (a picture of a document) can be extracted, providing searchable ASCII text. The OCR text of the complete document can then be searched for key words or phrases.

Bates Numbering and Endorsements
Having Bates labels applied with speed and accuracy is a critical component of any document production. When we apply the labels to your documents, you can rest assured that they will be applied exactly as you instructed. As with all our services, the Quality Control Procedures we implement will assure that each page is checked for accuracy.

Our legal technologists will assist your team in determining how to create the most effective database for your particular circumstances. Whether your case revolves around thousands of patients’ medical records or thousands of shareholders in a public company, your data retrieval needs will be met.

LSI utilizes high-speed digital printers to print images to hard copy. Whether your electronic documents exist in TIFF, PDF, Text or other formats, LSI will convert them to paper for you. Hard copies may be used for deposition witness kits, for experts or producing to opposing counsel.

Bindery Services
LSI knows that presentation is everything. First impressions are just that. We provide a variety of binding styles:

Oversize Copying and Scanning
From blueline architectural drawings to trial exhibit-size enlargements, LSI will meet your needs with speed and accuracy. Includes our free pickup and delivery service!

Audio-Video Conversion
LSI provides the service of converting audiotape or videotape to digital format. Video depositions can be digitized and transferred to CDROM. This technology allows our clients to segment (extract) desired portions of video footage to be presented during trial without the complexity of the start and stop of standard VHS.

CD ROM Duplication
More often these days the document exchange occurring during discovery is accomplished via CDROM. The cost of producing documents digitally is a fraction of what it would be via paper.